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A & J Moving of Mineola NY are thoroughly experienced and the true professionals when it comes to moving upright pianos, consoles, spinets, baby grand or even grand pianos.

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Both Baby Grand and Grand pianos will be disassembled by our experienced personnel and reassembled at your new location. One of the most important parts of piano moving is packing the actual piano itself which takes longer than you might expect. We will remove the lyre of the piano, the lid of the piano and the piano lids hinges as required, and then wrap the piano parts in blankets, and lay multiple blankets over the top of the piano board. And then ensure the piano is moved in such a way so that it avoids damaging bumps and scrapes as it is physically moved from one location to another. This is all part of the piano mover’s most important tasks, and at A & J Moving and storage we have the right tools and personnel for the job of moving your piano flawlessly avoiding damage and stress in the process.

To get an estimate, you should know the height of your upright, console or spinet and the size of your baby grand or grand piano, as well as the number of steps, inside and outside, of both the origin and destination locations of your move.

This is important in pricing the move of your piano.

The Piano in the image was moved from a house in Kings Point Long Island, and it was the inspiration that led up to the movie "The Great Gatspy", and it was also autographed by Liberace :

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